Bug or Easter Egg?

Is that a star in that meteor? I saw this multiple times while going near these.
@InterAction_studios what’s this? A coin?

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When you go close to asteroid you earn this star. The stars going from 1 to 4 or 5? I think? It depends how much close you are to the asteroid. They give you points, because of your risk. Its a great bonus.


I see 1-5 stars. But my score hasn’t changed.

You need to actually destroy the meteors/asteroids/whatever.

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You don’t.

I’m pretty sure it’s 1-4 (or at least I never got 5). As for the score, I have no idea why it’s not increasing.


Oh,then never mind. I never really paid too much attention.

There is a secret fifth star. You need to get VERY close, you’ll know when you got it when you hear an explosion sound rather than just a woosh.


Let’s also not forget about the 6th star which is only possible if you have invincibility frame and fly exactly in the center of the meteor.

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Oh,and there’s a seven-star one,with the minor inconvenience of -20% on Result Assessment.

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