Bug on mobile versions (CI5) + Idea for chatbox

First, i notice this when i begin to play CI5 on mobile. When i reach level 37 this is hapening:

This is hapened every time, the chickens come after me because my ship turns out for level 38. When i restart the level everythink is ok, but i think this thing need to be fixed soon.

  • @InterAction_studios I think it would be good if there is a forum have a chatbox, where all users can talk together.
    Do you guys want chatbox or not?

Try uninstalling it then redownload it and it should work.

I dont think it will work

Is there any reaſon not to try it?

The editions have the same problem. I do not think the problem is in my phone

Yeah, ok. I ſuſpect he won’t get around to dealing with it until after the early acſeſs for CIU is out, but I don’t know how that fits into his priörities. Anyway, this is juſt ſpeculation to make my reply long enough to poſt.

It works fine for me when i did that.

Had a quick look at this, but couldn’t reproduce it on Android :confused:

If I understand correctly, you’re saying that enemies from wave 37 are respawning again after finishing wave 37 and you’re on your way to wave 38? This could be an issue with a trigger being activated twice, although I can’t figure out why that would happen only on Android.

Also, you’re saying that this happens on all editions (Standard, Christmas, Halloween) of CI5?

Yes. That what i try to say is: When it level 37 comes, the ship turns out for the next level and then the chickens comes out after me, spawning from so many sides. The editions have the same problem :frowning:

Idk why. It works fine for me.

Alright, we finally managed to reproduce it at our end. The cause is very low framerate, which skips the checkpoint that waits for all enemies to be killed before the camera moves on.

All platforms are affected, not just Android (however it’s more common on Android because devices are typically slower and the framerate stutters as textures/sounds are loaded on the fly).

We’ve made a note to revisit and correct this as soon as there’s a lull in CIU activity.

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I found a similar bug in wave 76(I think)