Bug of time in notifications

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature.I found it out a few days ago
i got a notification about a dare and it said it was 13 hours ago then i got a exploration reward and it said i got it 13 hours ago. i really don’t know if this is a bug because i started playing about a month ago and missed out a lot of different updates so please let me know if it is a big problem or not.



This is not a bug. This thing also happend with me and that shows time in 20+years ago. Even when my friend gets offline then it shows that last seen :43 years ago..
Solution is that change your system date and time. maybe your system time is incorrect.


I just checked my time and according to the time zone it is correct
i checked on my mobile phone whiches time is acccording to the internet and the same thing occured. By the way thank you for informing.

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Did those notifications come immediately after logging in?

Each time you log in, the last 5 unread messages you received will appear as notifications, regardless of how recent/old they actually are. This could explain the behaviour you’re seeing.


no this happens whenever i get a notification like exploring planets,dares,daily stipends etc

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