BUG: No extreme unpreparedness medal despite I equip nothing (boss music slot)

So I played a boss rush without any mountables only SSH skill, CI4 background and CI5 boss theme and I finished it but game won’t give me extreme unpreparedness. I can only get it by equipping literally nothing.

my theory is the boss music slot caused the game to confuse and not giving me the medal

EDIT: it’s the boss music slot


Do you have a satellite?

nope, I’m a scout

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The medal means that you have to equip nothing, skills and themes are counted as mountable (yep I’m serious)

very funny


You collected any fire power or a gift?

it’s extreme unprep not either brave or stupid

They don’t affect that medal (extreme unprepareness)

I have, like, over seventy of these medals (from memory) and @ScarletCuboids is right that before 40.2 this wouldn’t have been an issue - skills, backgrounds, and music never triggered it previously (and it is silly that any of them would, in my opinion) so this qualifies as a bug in my opinion.

EDIT: Just did some testing, can confirm this is an issue only with the “Boss Music” slot


Yup, the boss music slot

Fixed in v.41
:medal_sports: Bug


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