[BUG] Music Loops

The main theme loops if you go and checks stats of a person while travelling, or you minimize the window until you’ve stopped travelling the music will loop and the ambient theme will not play.

Well yes, ambient theme only plays when you’re docked. I don’t see any issues here.

Sorry i think you haven’t understood because of my bad english. But i meant that even when you stopped travelling the Extreme theme keeps playing.

this is the answer lol.

There is a difference between when your ship is docked and when your ship stops. I told you the ambient theme plays when it’s docked. If your ship stops in the middle of nowhere(or rather, it’s not docked to any planet, star, wormhole or local store), you won’t hear the ambient theme. But if you wish, you can record and show us and maybe we’ll see if we’re actually mistaken.


oh ok! sorry

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