Bug? Incorrect amounts of joined/claim hours + Time decrese (Unsolved)

I was have a idea to play ciu in my old computer (Win 7) and i just downloaded it, but show a rare ammouts of hours of joined forum 4hs 37minutes

The more rare is what the time subtrac the ammout!


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is that your old computer (when you havent download CIU yet?)

Ne, this is my old computer, samsung, the other its lenovo

when you havent download CIU on that computer?

Lenovo or Samsung? (New or old)

The old one

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Nop, its the first time what download the game

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Can you check the date and time on your computer? Are they both correct?


Samsung Win. 7 (old) : 12 Yrs

Lenovo Win. 10 (New) : 10 days
4 days
for reprograming

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