Bug in third episode of Chicken Invaders

cAn DeScRiBe tHiS?

Unknown issue in Universe
Today, i’m looked at player without CHL, but his spaceship Muller M408 Cooker (buyable with CHL). look at picture below

Glossary= Повар=Cooker
Left spaceship is my.

You can still buy it without CHL, it’ll just be twice the price.

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On first picture, I ussed version CI3demo 3.83

I don’t know about this one, wait for someone else’s reply.

in the CI3 it’s a bug an IA know’s about it

Isn’t that just a perfect frame pause?
Like some from this forum:

No, that laser is bugged.

Nope. While in gameplay, i paused to take screenshot

Ok, I just thought it was a perfect frame pause, but guess it really is a bug, looks like something wrong with the v-sync I think.

It’s acknowledged, just that iA hasn’t fixed it yet.

The textures cut like that in CI5 too, only Universe has smooth graphics from what I’ve seen

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Are you forgetting about ci4 and ci2

Yeah, I’m saying that it’s a problem with all episodes since CI5 is the latest

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No. I looked for ALL parts

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