Bug in purchase menu (Steam Version)

On the steam version of CIU, if you open the key pack & CHL purchase menu, the dollar sign ($) for USD doesn’t show up.

Looks like a minor bug, but also looks weird.

Steam version uses your regional currency. Are you sure it’s USD? (And it’s better to check whether the same issue is here when the font is not modded).

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Removing the font doesn’t change it:

And yes it’s USD (I set my PC regional currency to United States)

set Solution to yourself pls :wink:

It’s not solved.

The region of your PC is not the same as region of your Steam account. Does your Steam wallet show currency as USD?

Yes, it’s in USD.

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Same thing for me

Indeed, this was an oversight in my currency table. Fixed in v.129 :medal_sports: Bug


Please, see this: