Bug in new update id my problem

Hello. When I enter the game and click on the save the world option, it says connected but does not go into the game. what is the problem? This is his photo.

and my internet is not have problem


Check your any programs running connected internet

Also check your any programs auto download

There have been known issues with connections from Iran ( see also Early Access version 112 - #112 by AmirMohammad.as )

Network traffic is probably being blocked/firewalled at the ISP/country level. The game can’t do anything about it :frowning:


Maybe other country is blocked connections not VN or UK or EG or etc. I guess

mean i can’t play ciu):?

Check anything firewall or something stop connecting

@MrImAnSMK use vpns
Like windscribe

car nakad haji

bia discord

Same here. Can I do anything to fix this ?

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