[Bug] How could an off-screen slob(or not) killed me?

In the Space Race, I died in Surfing the wave. Chickens flew from left to right normally. I was at the bottom. But HOW DID A CHICKEN CRAHED ME WHEN I’M AT THE BOTTOM. I saw blue particesso I guess it’s the slob. But how

Never go too cloſe to the bottom to dodge.
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Was it a heavy bomber that you were using for the space race run? Slob chickens have bigger collision boxes to match their larger size which means that not even going all the way bottom can save you from them. IMO Slobs, Chickenauts, Armored Chickenships and Chick Gatling Guns shouldn’t be allowed the come this close to the player.

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It was H&C( the most expensive ones)

Why not?

Cause it’s unfair. If you were trapped in a corner by incoming fire and then a line of mini bosses decides to come to point blank range of the player, there’s nothing the player can do that doesn’t involve using superweapons.

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Then don’t corner yourſelf.

Like you can talk to RNG and say “can you please not trap me”.
I reckon if you managed to avoid trapping yourself in hard waves, you could tell us a few tips and tricks to help us noobs out.

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  1. Steer ſmall. Don’t go out of the way more than you have to.
  2. Avoid ſituätions in which you find yourſelf moving ever cloſer to a corner.
  3. Don’t ſit at the bottom of the ſcreen. This may ſeem counterintuïtive, but you can make uſe of the extra room on the Y-axis to eſcape.
  4. When you’re near a corner, dodge by moving away from it, ſwooping downwards if neceſſary. Juſt don’t forget to come back up, or you’ll loſe the downward-ſwooping option.

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