Bug Found! ["Security droid patrol" safe zone]

Hi. I found a bug in the supply druid missions. Here is the screenshot of it.

Security Droid Patrol, the Danger Zone is down on screen in the middle. But the Droids coming only from top toll middle of the screen.

PS: I hope its a medal worth

It’s normal because it’s only a warning

Not normal because the warning is used for the wave where the patrol droid can come from below, and not this one where they can’t (so it’s not a danger zone really)


Its definitely not normal even if its only a warning its on the wrong position.

Danger zone is only needed if the enemies can spawn at the bottom middle where you would normally position your spacecraft before the wave starts

Anyway, you should stay in the middle during this wave

No need to, as this wave only spawns patrol droids from above. He can stay at the bottom and the danger zone is not needed.


But it says watch your back so the bottom is the most dangerous

There are two variations of this wave. One spawns from all four sides. The other one spawns only from above. This is the other variant and does not need that “watch your back” text, and that is the point of Elfkiller’s post.


Fixed in v.39

:medal_sports: Bug


same happened to me, @Elfkiller.

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