Bug - Can't see orders names

Hi, I’ve got a graphical problem. I can’t see the orders names on the post-mission screen. The name is there, but it’s a very faint green color which makes it unable to make out the text. This also happens to some other texts like when you click ‘Explain’ in the shop.
I have tried changing some graphic setting, but it didn’t fixed it.

Is there any way to fix this?

could you screenshot it

It’s the same on v95

It has always been like that. I can still read it properly, but if someone has trouble reading this, this color should be changed in color-blind mode (I tried it, but the color doesn’t change).

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I’ve increased the contrast. Can you read this easily, or does it need more?


Changed in v.96 :medal_sports: Idea


Can you also increase mouse poker contrast when use black theme?

how would that work?

I think i found the cause of my problem.
I have Digital Vibrancy in the Nvidia panel at 100%
When I changed it to 50%, the text became clearly readable.

But i don’t really want to switch the setting every time I want to play Chicken Invaders.

And yes, I can see and read that with Digital Vibrancy at 100%

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