[BUG] Buggy Darkness During Mother-Hen Ship Fight

When I was doing an easy darkness mission, I got the Mother-Hen Ship Boss and the darkness started to act very buggy. When you click fast enough, all of the darkness disappears. It comes back when you start to click slower, but it continuously be gotten rid of by clicking fast for the whole duration of the fight.

After Mother-Hen Ship was killed, the darkness went back to normal, as shown when I am flying when the stage is complete. I apologize for the lag in the video, as I had a lot of things open and my OBS isn’t configured for CIU, but I hope the bug was captured well enough.

Video Footage


I found another, unrelated bug, but I’m just going to add on to this thread instead of making a new one. The wave “Cardinality of Four” has a bugged out progress meter if you use the HUD Progress Meter mountable. The meter hits 100% before going back down when a new set of chickens spawns.

Video Footage (Not really laggy this time)

That’s what supposed to happen


It’s not a bug. When you hit an enemy, in your case the Mother-Hen Ship that just happened to be far enough, your flashlight (or candle) becomes stronger so that you can see what’s going on in front of you.
It happens in normal waves as well when you hit a chicken that’s, for example, on the other side of the screen. It’s how darkness missions work - they can’t be completely unfair after all.

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Hm. It felt like it wasn’t intentional because it suddenly goes from being somewhat lit up to being completely lit up like there isn’t even really meant to be darkness. In the video it isn’t easy to see, but the light grows in pretty much a single millisecond and it feels like it isn’t meant to happen because of that.

If it’s a feature like you say it is, then the sudden increase in light still felt jarring especially during a massive boss like the Mother-Hen Ship. I might go back to that mission and get a better recording of the fight to give a better idea of what it looks like.

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