[Bug] Bug combo with one setting changed

Everything is in video:

When you change firing method in touchscreen settings to left button, timer becomes A LOT wider than it should be and “ESC Menu” thing overlaps overheat bar. Main info bar (lives etc) looks pretty normal and strange at the same time for some reason.

Oh that’s just ew

Touchscreen is not currently implemented. Like, at all.

If you noticed, there’s not even a fire button even though you selected “Fire button (left)”.

Props for the cool video, though :+1:

I didn’t understand anything. What have changed? Well, I use Fire button (left), that can be a reason of why I don’t see changes, there aren’t differences between Fire button (left) and Fire button (left), are there?

That happens in the other games too.

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Timer and waves counter flips to left side and comes as wide as stats bar (it should be small) and “ESC Menu” message overlaps overheat bar.

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