Bug: Bought satellite (ICBM) and installed on spacecraft, will not pre-load in game

I bought a satellite ICBM from “Alecto” (815x106) Hero-ware shop and install it on my Muller M404
But when i start any new game from any mission, there is no pre-loaded satellite exist.

I done all kind of usual tries like, Rejoin the server, Restart the game, ReInstall the ICBM to new Slot or another spacecraft…

What is the problem? Should i go to the shop again and throw that ICBM to face of the shopkeeper? :wink:

Win7 (x86) - CIU V91.1


A new patch had been released (V91.2) download it and you shouldn’t encounter this bug again.


Thanks, it fixed.
I used forum search about satellite but nothing connected appeared.


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