Bug at wormhole

When you start wormhole mission the game hides waves and time and put ??% but when wave starts it shows you the number of waves

Explanation: Before starting the mission, you already know how many waves there are. Only spaceship loses connection


Yeah iA added this bug… I mean this noice detail for a purpose and also bcz your ship lose connection when entering a wormhole so… Makes sense to me :eyes:


If because I was playing online its not because I played another single player and that happened again (Please Interaction fix this)

I actually didn’t get what are you referring to bside making wave number on screen displayed same as HUD.
Actually, only player spaceship got lost connection to UHF when you entered any wormhole. Like kAPET said, that noice detail for a purpose.

(plot twist comes in to play)

It doesn’t matter which mode you were playing (single player, multi, etc.), so don’t misunderstand it.

The reason why this bug exist is also the same reason why this game is 100 years far away.

It’s intended. It’s there just for cool effects.