Buff henterprise

henterprise is now easy even if its in very hard mode so buff it to make us have good experience :slight_smile:

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It got two buffs. 1- Its giant laser attack time decreases upon high difficulties. 2- In the final phase of Hend game, which is the purple lasers, If you get too close to it, it will shoot at you. Why do you need another buffs.

please for the love of god
stop buffing bosses
it already have god damm high speed
we need something else more then buff bosses.



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In my opinion the henterprise’s normal, but I guess the final phase of “Hend Game” can be buffed a bit, maybe by adding feathers alongside the lasers.

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130%> i guess?

Or let Henterprise shoot the beam for longer time in the last phase to prevent players from moving to other side. (Alongside of purple lasers)

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How about bigger difficulties than 100%?

i literally said that

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It is already pretty buffed if you play hend game at SSH on 80% + difficulty level

i still think its easy tbh

Well, i’m able to defeat the 7 laser yolk star at SSH without losing a single life but when i said there was no need to nerf it ( in the “Yolk Star could use some nerfs” ), People started low-key ragin on me. In conclusion, you think its easy cause you’re good at game. So even if it does gets buffed up, you’ll cope up with the higher difficulty in no time cause you’re looking for a challenge but not everyone wants bosses to be hard as fu*k. Henterprise is already pretty much balanced in terms of difficulty…

“Raging”- speak for yourself

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O C’mon man not again :joy:

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Seems relatable

I’m not looking for an argument here

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