Buff Egg Cannon Attacks and Pattern

Edit: renamed the attacks, and egg launch buff

Egg Cannon, arguably the easiest final boss in the game. Why? First, at first phase, it only do chicken wobble, nothing else. It gradually do other attacks as it is more damaged, it means it only unleash it full power after 80% (fifth phase), unlike Henterprise which is do every attacks it has in each phase. Second, its attacks itself that lack of area coverage. The chicken wobble? Still dodgeable, Orange Beams? It only strikes straight, just stand somewhere else, Triple Bolts? Pretty good attack, Egg Launch? It’s a joke right? And the last Yellow Lasers, you can definitely destroy the cannon before it literally shoots them. Currently the most challenging part is only when the chickens still coming, but then the red ions already come, and it’s only on SSH difficulty.

So it has two issues, the attacks itself and the pattern. And here is my idea.

First, buff its attack.

  1. Chicken wobble - each waves spawn less chickens, don’t worry, the pattern will be also reworked so it will come more often. The chickens are more aggresive, shoot more often, and at higher difficulty it may also include ufo chicks, chickennauts and eggships maybe?

  2. Orange Beams - randomize its direction, like Henterprise’s purple beam, strike 3 times. It improves its area coverage. At higher difficulty it shoots faster.

  3. Triple Bolts - good enough. With new pattern it should be more deadlier.

  4. Egg Launch - its white egg causes player’s movement slow down by 33% when in it. It’s sticky you know? Also its shell is pretty fragile, it should be harder at higher difficulty.

  5. Yellow Lasers - it will be the last phase attack only. Shoots faster, travel faster, at higher quantity and at random direction.

So we had the new attacks, now it’s time for the pattern. I will divide it to 4 phase instead of 5 - because it’s the fourth boss, and Henterprise as the fifth has five phase. What kind of reason is this? - Well, that isn’t the reason. Sometimes simple things are more harder than the complicated one, e.g. mysterious ship.

It will do the following patterns:

  1. Chicken wobble -> 3x Orange Beams -> Triple Bolts -> Chicken wobble -> Triple Bolts -> 3x Orange Beams -> repeat

  2. Egg Launch -> 3x Orange Beams -> Chicken wobble -> 3x Orange Beams -> repeat

  3. Egg Launch -> Triple Bolts -> Chicken wobble -> Triple Bolts -> repeat

  4. Infinitely shoots yellow lasers while spawning terminator chickens

Thanks for reading!

From those things i like only the randomizing of the beams. Going only in 1 direction isn’t satisfying for me. For your info the atacks are called:
Chicken Wobble
Orange Beams
Triple Bolts
Egg Launch
Yellow Lasers

Ah thanks, i didn’t know. So i named it myself

The egg cannon you didn’t get to play

Looks like i missed it, but since nerf it’s pretty easy to beat. And i think it needs more pattern to make it not too monoton and predictable

Even at the unnerfed difficulty shown in the video, Egg Cannon doesn’t seem like that much of a threat. The toughest thing he does is still the Triple Bolts, and you can see the person playing in the video easily develops a strategy for dodging them. The Egg Launch serves as little issue no matter what I feel.

Perhaps the shell of the Egg Launch should have slight health scaling with difficulty? Not anything crazy, but enough to make it so that you need to optimize which parts of the shell you damage well. He could also do Orange Beams and Yellow Lasers at the same time, something he seems to refrain from doing in video. (I haven’t fought a maximum difficulty Egg Cannon in the current version, so I don’t know how he acts currently.)

It was harder than it looks. But yes, the egg cannon by deſign has a limit to how hard it can get.

I wonder if IA will take this as a challenge to make it harder again, this time with chickenauts inſtead of chickens.

Chickenauts? Are you sure about them?

Uhh, maybe just one per wave?

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