Buff and Nerf

My option:
=>Netf: Ion blaster
=>Buff: Laser beam

How about your? Post here

Sorry cuz I'm bad English

⇒ buff: ion blaster and moron railgun

its fine no need to be sorry

Buff: Moron Railgun
Nerf: Plasma Rifle


tks, man

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Just buff the firerate

Lightning Fryer need to be buffed, also you should rename the topic to “buff & nerf” instead of “nerf” only.


Nerf: Plasma Rifle.
Reasons: The new win button of CIU. Deals extremely high damage per shot, capable of destroying minibosses in two clean shots. The overheat can be avoided by manually firing. Seriously, nerf this thing for all things holy.
Buff: None. All the other weapons are fine as they are.

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I just renamed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Remove: Corn

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