Bring back the ufos from CI2 and CI3

I know the successors to the ufos can be considered the aliens, but the ufos are much different than the aliens by the fact thay they move across the screen and fire projectiles instead of a laser beam. It would be good to bring back the ufos and the close encounters ufo wave from CI3

UFOs won’t be returned as there is only one wave which includes them (excluding bonus from CI2). Maybe if someone figure out some new waves with them, they’ll be returned.

Already suggested alot of times and it won’t make it into ciu

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Wonder if the Tribute wave could get the old UFO as that one UFO

But bonus challenge came back.
There is still the possibility to get them (and the other missing monoenemy waves).

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Bonus challenge is other case: it has no animation which means its texture takes less space, and the wave itself is reworked asteroids.

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