Bring back ci2 sarge chicken boss and ci2 big chicken boss to the cıu

hello i want ci2 sarge chicken boss and ci2 big chicken boss in the chicken invaders universe

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It just remebered me to our heros orders lol

Maybe we can also have them as DT bosses.



People has already reminded those bosses in CIU many time. But in this moment, iA is busy, you have to wait.

@Knightcap are you like the forum/IA police? We’re just putting ideas out there.

The what? I’m just remind anything that already suggested by some people, or anything i knew. Who have the permission to prevent you for posting your ideas?

Isn’t the Fight! boss available in U via the Boss Chickens we occasionally see in DTs?

Yah, we actually remind this before, remember it? I only wait for the sarge chicken.

Oh nvm…

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