Bosses fan made ideas

A kidnaped ship

Baked chicken
Chicken kiborg
Fight CI2
Henperor fighter
Comment your favourite

  1. Kidnaped ship attack is he shootyolk star weapn he move right left up and down when he move you can see his engine
    2.baked chicken is like other chicken but split eggs from his mouth very faster than cllasic show em who s boss
    3.chicken kiborg is like giant robotic space grab v2.0 he can drop sun with robotic hand and can fire laser from his eye
    4.Fight CI2 enemy from Chicken invaders next wave
  2. Henperor fighter is like he from CI5 But with lightsaber his attack you with light saber with moving and droping lightsaber to kill you
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Describe them, what attacks do they have?

See down

Need more explanations of their behaviors imo.

I dare to say that’s not the only issue with this post tbh.


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