Bossa Nova and Supernova Debris change on sun color

Well I rather don’t want to make a topic out of this piece of shit but I would like to see supernova debris and bossa nova color change depend on the sun color. I mean it’s look more pretty and match the sun very much.

When will you stop creating such topics like this?


I have a feeling people will start flagging that kid’s topics.


perhaps :woman_shrugging:

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He basically puts no effort, he probably uses a random idea generator. (if that exists)


ah yes

i advise you stop being a turkey stuffed with salt on thanksgiving and avoid creating topics, just put it in the “early access version …” topic if your idea is:

  • not a compilation of a lot of small ideas together
  • not very complicated
  • not game-changing (mechanics, tweaks,…)

else, create a new topic and start a poll


And they’re hungry for idea medals, therefore they spam weak ideas with desperation.

It reminds me of this meme:


Lol, they telling me that I am a stuffed turkey while they didn’t know Im not actually wanting medals. I just wanna see how the community reacts to these types of posts. Heh

Congratulations, you got everyone’s attention and made yourself look annoying. Calm down, already!


Gotta gain some bad reputation first buddy.

conclusion this guy is an internet troll


  • do not feed the troll
  • ignore him

He’s about to become the next Pattary, just ignore him.

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in other words, spam posts and seek attention?


Please, if you’re gonna brainstorm 3 second ideas, atleast put in the effort to brainstorm more in the span of 2 minutes and put them all in one post. Posts like these push down actually interesting ones.

Foking ironic coming from you bumping this topic and pushing down interesting ones.
And can we already stop with demouse, he started to make arts and slowed down with topics a little.


This is a good idea, I don’t understand the argument here.
Simple, and would add variety to some very repetitive style in gameplay.
We already have this done with meteors and the meteor chicken (Magnetic Manipulator?)

Well they’re “complaining” about his brainstorm ideas, and I’m complaining about his swearing in the post

But it seems like the storm has been unweighted itself, and he started making art for future (heavier) storms of ideas. So for now, no drama here

A supernova is a supernova and a sun is a sun, they are NOT relative

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