Boss Rush location

If anyone wants to know where to test their pro skillz, I reccomend here. There’s a max difficulty and max length boss rush here (seperate). Just look for the planet with me/on the outer part of the system. And the new yolk star is WOW (I have never beaten it before so losing 3 lives might just be that)

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My 3 tries ended by crying and smiling from old memories

Could you do a full zoom outwards please

my progress got reset so I’m not in the same server with the 1st beta-testers anymore :frowning: which mean I had been deployed somewhere far away from Thero(I’m at Idmon constellation actually)

You can still see the “1st beta-testers” if you fly over to their location.

It might take quite sometime since it requires 6k unit of fuel off-road, your name is still on the daily challenge leaderboard though

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How does the server system works? And also I been recently long time ago resetted when playing against the egg cannon.Computer freezed and I ended up starting over.But I believe I found a wormhole to take me back to my 1st galaxy. I also noted that players despawn and spawn when near your spaceship when flying to far locations.Probably this happens to cut back in the amount to data the server distributes to you or something I read along those lines (Somebody asked why everybody cannot be shown all at once) . But it is interesting.

I have some max difficulty and max length boss rush mission if you want to test the skill: