Boss rush but yes difficulty

for these boss rushes you will need a chicken hunter license just like for the ironman competition

there will be 4 boss rushes: one for CI3 bosses, one for CI4 bosses, one for CI5 bosses and one for CIU bosses
for CI3,4 and 5 boss rushes I think it can be assumed which will be the last bosses
the last boss in the CIU boss rush will be egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade
medals for those boss rushes can look something like this
BearIdle (2)
BearIdle (3)
BearIdle (4)

these boss rushes will be on the same difficulty as the Ironman competition

i have three versions of this idea
first version:
generic boss rush from easiest boss to hardest
second version:
similar to the first version but the bosses will have random things that will make your life miserable
these things are: bubble shield (disappearing after every 5 seconds), faster boss movement (only boss movement), faster projectiles (only projectiles), larger projectiles, meteor shower, comets
third version:
a bunch of double teams (bosses in those double teams will be bosses from the boss rush in which they are)

these missions will come every 14 or 7 days

these missions do not have to be called boss rushes

which version of this idea do you like the most
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