[BOSS] Pillow from Chicken

Every hit: Spawn Small Feather
Every -20%: Spawn Big and Medium Feathers
What else he will have abilities I do not know, leave your ideas in the comments

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• Feather explosion: something like “Party time!” circle attack but with feathers of any size.
• Absorb: cames “soft” and absorb damage (% stay at one point), then returns it with feathers (more damage => more feathers).


Seems like a combination of it’s cold in space and the alien mothership. Nothing wrong with that, but we need some cool attacks.
The absorb attack VerMishelb is suggesting just makes the fight longer as it can be countered by not shooting. If it has no tell, that forces the player to constantly watch the % bar.

I recommend shooting Riddler or Photon Swarm at this.

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Imaginee spawning a feather every hit… oh my!

Imagine use 4 microguns and the moron
Actually you can spawn with this combo even more feathers!

But moron railgun isn’t as fast as riddler

Wait… what is riddler firerate? Isn’t it slower than moron?

Automatic firerate is faster until moron reaches 10 firepower,at which point it is the same. If you use manual fire with riddler,you can get 20 shots per second,way higher than moron railgun’s 10 shots per second automatic fire. And do I need to remind you that riddler shoots more bullets?

pillow bombs: it throws a pillow which explodes, which also creates a feather circle attack

…but critically this is a theoretical maximum. Actuäl ſpeed depends on the player’s capabilities/an autoclicker programme.

Ok? I’m not going to guess how quickly every single person can click. I told StarDrone the max manual fire rate,and whether or not they can reach it depends on them.

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