Boss mode

Boss mode: Being a boss and trying to destroy the spaceship. (Needs one boss) (player) and another players that are trying to defeat the boss. Like Egg Cannon, The Yolk Star, Giant Robotic Space Crab and more! You will have a list of commands like (Giant Robotic Space Crab V 2.0 test) : The mouse or the arrow buttons for controlling it; O for that circle… uhh I don’t know how to say it xD, and buttons for all arms that are throwing stars :smiley:


Nice idea, but it’s anticlimatic. I mean, the main focus in the franchise is to kill chickens. It’s nice to become an boss and beat some recruits. Still, it dosen’t change the fact that it kinda don’t fit. Plus, this game currently does not have multiplayer co-op at the moment.


Yeah. That’s the problem … I hope that the multiplayer will exist in the early access. Because I think that they will add multiplayer when it goes paid!

that sound really good becoming a boss and to be able to destroy some recruits :+1:

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Sound like PvZ 2 :slight_smile:

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Maybe eventuälly. It can’t work in the ſame way as the epiſodes’ multiplayer, and IA has ſaid that it is a HUGE undertaking.

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