Boss Miniatures

In CIU, I have always thought that bosses are pretty neglected in terms of drops. They drop coins and powerups, sometimes keys in Boss Rush events, but that’s it. And getting the same drops gets boring after a while. To that I say we add a little bit of spice: queue in Boss Miniatures.

The name is pretty self-explanatory: These new drops serve as a small version of a boss in the form of satellites (or turrets if you will), meant to aid the player in their chicken-fighting shenanigans. They are dropped with a small chance from their respective bosses, and are permanently equipable - take it as a weapon drop from an RPG game.
These bosses fly around the player and shoot projectiles much like their normal-scaled versions.

Below I have made a couple boss miniatures as an example:

In this example, we have the smaller version of the Blast from the Past boss.

og laser vs purple

As you can see, the lasers shot by this miniature are darker than the lasers chickens use, as to not cause confusion. It also bears the anti-chicken logo, how fitting.

Here we see the Egg Cannon as a miniature. It shoots multiple eggs much like the bossfight’s shotgun attack.

As a final example, we have the Henterprise miniature, who shoots his iconic laser beam that damages and pierces all enemies in it’s path.
(Unfortunately, my art skills were not good enough to make a real Henterprise miniature, instead represented by a circle).

Players might confuse the miniatures with a real threat. How do you prevent that?

Simple. All miniatures bear the “anti-chicken” logo, most visible on the Egg miniature. As such, it will not be misinterpreted as a threat.

How will I obtain miniatures? Where would we equip them?

Miniatures are dropped from their respective bosses. To avoid people farming easy missions for them, these are exclusive to higher difficulty bosses or elite missons (>70% for example).
Miniatures can be equipped in the satellite tab, or a new tab could be made for them entirely, up to the dev’s choices (if this is ever considered).

Will miniatures be available in the shop?

My thought about it is to limit them to boss-drop only. As such, not only is it impossible for the player to cash in on them easily, rather making them hunt for the drops, but the bosses themselves will receive a much-needed upgrade that will surely entice players the first time they obtain a miniature.

How do you upgrade the miniatures?

I thought of two ways for this:

1. The boss miniature is upgradeable through keys
2. The miniature’s firepower scales with the player’s current power level. Take the Egg for example: If the player has power 3, the egg shoots 3 lasers. If the player has 4, the egg shoots 4, and so on. In cases of bosses like the Henterprise, the attack speed could be changed.

So, what do you think? Should miniatures be added to the game?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but… (comment)
  • Not sure
  • No (tell us why)
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If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them below. I’ll try to respond to as many as I can!


it’s cool
Enterprise part is a bit OP due to the original boss being powerful
I think this idea would be good if we have mini bots made by UHF itself that help you, not a copy form of Henpire bosses
They can be a lot more than bosses and have new and better abilities


So basically we are using some reverse-engineered stuff from bosses as weapons?

It seems weird. But it doesn’t sound bad.



I really don’t know why are these getting likes

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It is quite weird now that I think about it. I figured that the UHF engineering everything on their own must be really expensive, and such why not restore battle machines and use those instead?
Thanks for the reply ^-^


That is a pretty good idea. My initial thought process was that the bosses needed drops, and the players a new mechanism of defense, and such the miniatures were born.
Thanks for your reply ^-^

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I think the idea of bosses giving rare drops of some sort could be a really cool idea for the game, however, I am not confident that new satellites are really the way to go with it.
Having new satellites like that for every boss adds a lot of new combat mechanics for players to use that would have to be carefully balanced.
If time and energy could be put to the idea to make it shine in-game, I’m not against it at all and I think with the right design edge cases where such an addition can give a serious upper hand can be mitigated.
Something like this does make me wonder about bosses having simple rare cosmetic drops, like ship trails or paintjobs that you can get from them, like maybe something related to Hen Solo for defeating Egg Cannon, or a splattered yolk over your ship model from Yolk Star.

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That is a whole bunch of ideas I couldn’t have thought about. You might as well make a new topic with these, they are really nice ideas man!


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