Boss improvement

Here are some suggestions:

  • Mater squawker boss should have 1 laser every 20% of the difficulty (making it only appear at difficulty +20%)

  • Crazy squawker should have more shooting angle

  • Space crab 2.0 should have 10% more zoom because of the first attack

  • Laser Space crab should have faster movement at higher difficulties (could affect all only laser bosses)

  • Mysterious ship should have a very brief warning signal (talking about 0.4 secs)

  • Magnetic manipulator asteroid ring should be centered

  • Bossa nova should have more asteroids as the difficulty increases

  • Master squawker can appear as a boss, by teleporting the player at the back and resricting the movement like in all squawk blocks

Thats all improovement of bosse i would like to see

no need

just hide in the corner -_-

“Just git gud” -CIU Pros (not me)

ultra speed is not enough?

engine limitations


This is just a lazy and elitist response stinking of “git gud”.

At least try to consider the suggestions, @ScarletCuboids


i know

i already know the patern, and the warning is very short (for reference try to snap your fingers 2 times as fast as posible)

is not enough, also bossa nova is easy

Mysterious ship warning was suggested few times and was rejected. Instead we got the first warning to know the pattern. Pattern doesn’t rotate or change and have the same attack period so it is not needed to have the warning.

Also the laser itself is not as deadly as it seems.


It’s not a lazy answer, it’s the correct one

Ah yes, the almighty 0.4(?) seconds of before hell

Doesn’t make sense as you’re still at the bottom and those lasers with higher angle just won’t be able to hit you.

As said before, hide in the corner. There is enough time to react.

They already have higher speed for arms, higher movement for body doesn’t make the game harder or easier.

Won’t look cool, doesn’t change the fight.

Not sure but I think they already have more health instead.

Which will block the possibility of collecting coins/power ups. It was discussed before and we just can’t find the best solution.

And bossa nova is not easy, it’s annoying because with particular weapons you just can’t make any damage until it attacks you. The same problem goes for magnetic manipulator but it’s not as bad.

It isn’t. Vermishelb’s answer is more on point.

you’re talkingto master squawker

The asteroids rotate a little bit off

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