Boss Ideas: Black & White

This boss have double big chicken wearing superhero outfit and it’s a military breed.

Black Chicken it’s a Big Chicken wearing black superhero outfit, it has a white scarf around its neck. White Chicken like Black Chicken but wearing white superhero outfit, it has a black scarf around its neck.

This boss zoom is 200% and here is attack:

  1. Forcefield: Use 4 round Forcefield
  2. 360° Guano: Shoot 48 super-powered in different directions
  3. Homing Bolts: Shoots smokey bolts at you 5 to 8 times in a row (depending on the difficulty).
  4. Laser Beam: Shoots a laser that huge out and only when you getting closer just like Henterprise.

Color of 4 types attack for Black Chicken is white & black for White Chicken. If Black Chicken (White Chicken) death, White Chicken (Black Chicken) will attack faster just like Twice Infinity & Brothers Reunited.


How about their attack patterns ?

The main rule for any idea was to provide as much information as you can. Do you only have visual design and that’s all?


Now you can look again this topic.

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