Boss Idea : Terminator Chicken 14

Greetings from Darky Cubus

Whats Up Guys,I have another Boss Idea
This boss I named "Terminator Chicken 14"or you can call it TC-14
Here’s the Image was I draw
(Sorry for my bad Drawing)

This Boss Is a robot Chicken with Steel Body and have Red Eyes with no Eyeballs

Boss Attacks :
1.Spread Projectiles
The boss will Fire 16 projectiles at once 2x

2.Move to Player Ship
The boss will Move position to the player ship

3.Targeted Bullets
The boss will fire 2 fast projectiles towards the player ship

After Health Indicator reach 100%,Terminator Chicken will split into Body and Head,and Health Indicator should Decrease to 50%

Head Attacks :

  1. 4 Projectiles
    The Head will Fires 4 Projectiles from Eyes towards Player Ship

  2. Triple Projectiles
    The Head Fires 3 projectiles at once towards Player Ship

Body Attacks :
The Body will stay Above and only move to right or left

1.Double Spread Projectiles
The Body will Fires 8 Projectiles at once,delay for 0.3 second then Fires 7 Porjectiles at Once

2.Charged Laser
The Body Will Emit a Warning Before Charge,after 1.5 second then Body will Charge Laser and it last for 3 seconds

What do you think of My Idea ?


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