Boss idea: "is it made of plasma?"

a big chicken made of plasma and feathers
the chicken can’t move
attacks:plasma waves in 8 directions at same time
plasma barrier (like that one from giant space crab 2.0)
at 50%hp
plasma waves are turning to right but very slow for 5 seconds
the chicken can move himself
plasma arrow shots for 10 seconds
shoot from the beak a big plasma wave


Soo, a ghost chicken.

Sounds alright, but it’d have to be limited to eaſy miſſions.

No, a plasma chicken
made of plasma and feathers


Becauſe it ſound’s like it’s not that hard. You can’t ſcale boſſes by juſt increaſing health; they need more intereſting attacks too.
That beïng ſaid, there’s alſo the need for eaſiër boſſes, hence my ſayïng that it ſounded good.

But,it is a good idea?

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Yes, but only in eaſy miſſions.

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