Boss Idea : Henpire's Formidable Spacecraft

Greetings from Blacky Cubus
I’ve made an idea topic and It’s about boss Idea named
Henpire’s Formidable Spacecraft
After years of fight evil henpire’s invasion,the henpire has a lot of technology that they could make such a dangerous machinery.This is the one of their special invention.
It has a heavy & dangerous weapon on It’s turret and driven by skilled pilot chicken (hidden and covered by blue cockpit)

Boss Attacks :

Fire Bullets

The boss will fire the outer turret

And also fire the mid turret

Laser Swipe

The boss will fire the laser from inner turret and rotate like this

Also like this

Update :
After reach 50%,the boss will turn like this

A part of his turret is destroyed and the turret at center of it’s body will turn red which spreads barrage bullets in various directions

Sometimes It can turn into green

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You need to include more details in the description to explain the picture you showed. The concept is fine but the execution was not good

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add this boss,pls

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I already added him

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uncachero9960 is my favorite forum poster, add him into the game as a boss please


lmao why
descendant of cringe forumer

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please don’t add me


add this boss,plz


it is more like the boss in older shooter games space shooter I think

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I’ve change the boss name and description now.

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change name of new boss in CIU

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I am also change name two new bosses and description now. Because two new bosses is next boss thundercluck


Well, this boss look like a new villian, not a normal boss


Tiny dimension compare to normal villian bosses!


add uncachero9960 into a event boss :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


no,dont do that

add this this @uncachero9960 boss into the game pls :))

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no,please don’t do this

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no,don’t do it