Boss Idea: Chicken Cruiser


Ok,fine,a newcomer shouldn’t play that. But here’s the thing. This could also happen:
A very expirienced player unlocks that difficulty. Then a new update comes out with a new boss that uses instant lasers that don’t give you a warning,but the expirienced player doesn’t know about it. They’ll die despite being very expirienced.
Then I guess I’ll leave it at that. With that idea,you won’t get an unfair death when you’re facing a boss for the first time,and you still have to memorize its attack. Again,only applies to lasers that aren’t randomized.


I want to make it clear you were arguing the point that dotted lines are neccesary with Traveler, correct? Though if we had a no dotted-line difficulty, things like my boss, aliens and laser walls would be way too unpredictable.


Did I mention “crazy missions for crazy future skill level”? I’m sure I did, and what I meant was only player who selected the “skill level” I mentioned will have the dotted-line disabled


Sorry,I didn’t quite understand that message.


Yes,that’s what we’re arguing about. Does your boss shoot lasers randomly,though?


Your boſs, if I underſtand it correctly, would be plenty doäble. Some things would be extremely hard, though.


Yes, I wanted my boss to shoot randomly. Though, if so, even the he should probably have pre-determined laser fire location, so the game cannot trap you and kill you unfairly.


Yeah,randomized lasers must have an indicator


Like henperor’s apprentice and super… chicken?


Oh, if the laſer’s aimed randomly then it ſhould have a warning line. I’d underſtood that it ſhot horizontally.


They are aimed horizontally, but on random height levels


Super chick. If you’re talking about its chicken multiplicity version,yes,that one fires lasers randomly. Then there are also purple lasers during the last phase of the last henterprise encounter,and the thunder bolts during the ice chick fight,those are also random.