Boss Idea : Chicken Astro Ship

Greetings from Blacky Cubus

This Topic is About My Boss Idea named
Chicken Astro Ship
Here’s the Image Appearance

Boss Attacks :

6 Bullets

The Boss will Fire 6 Energy Bullets towards the Player from It’s cannon

Jet Flame

The Boss will use Jet Rocket and Fire like a Laser Moving Left or Right (Energy cannon will Turn on the light to indicate the move to right or left)

Spread Bullets

The Boss will move to the middle and Shoot 16 Bullets at once 2x

Rotating Lasers

The Boss will Fire the Lasers and Rotate 180 Degrees
4 Lasers on Easy and Normal Difficulty

8 Lasers on Hard Difficulty


After the boss reached 34%,the boss will turn into this

Attacks :

Laser Gun

This text will be hidden
The boss will shoot the laser gun from It’s turrets
Laser Gun

Scattered Lasers

The boss will Emit the warning before fire the lasers


After the bar reached 66,7%,the boss will turn like this

Attacks :

Bullet Drop

The boss will drop 7 green energy bullets from right to left or left to right
Right to left
left to right

Energy Bomb

The boss will drop the big red ball and spread the small red pellets expand and after 2 seconds,the red pellets will shrink.

This reference is Demoliser’s bomb from Alien sky

What do you think of my idea ?
  • Great Idea,creative attacks
  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea
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The idea is good, but the ship does not fit into chicken invaders (it looks weird)


I know right,It just an Idea


yeah, attacks are good in this one

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And can the rockets in the Chicken Astro Ship boss can shoot?

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No,Instead of Shooting,It will Boost the thrust like a laser

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I’ll update this boss idea topic soon.

great .

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Next Update,coming soon

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reminds me of Angry Birds Space

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This ?


please add chicken astro ship please

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@FridayFunkinSussyVN Who are you talking to ?


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Ah…now do you want to bring that drama back to the new place, this is not your place and you also spamming comment

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don’t insult pls

Hey, this is the place were you can talk anything they want (must relate to ci tho). You can’t kick him out.

And again, plz dont use this “drama” word. Its kinda anoying tho.

3 word: dont be rush