Boss Idea: Blast Fury/Cluckikaze/Explosive Persona

Boss Name: Blast Fury/Cluckikaze/Explosive Persona (Blast Fury by @Recruit_75, Cluckikaze by @ScarletCuboids, Explosive Persona by Me.)

(Terrible Photoshop, I know, but it’s just an example of what he’d look like)

(Lines were Bolded or Italicized so you can tell apart the words in the brackets slightly easier, as it’s somewhat cluttered.)
He moves really fast. He will zip around Erratically (but not TOO erratic. Just enough to confuse you), and occasionally straight at you. (Speed depends on difficulty. From Party Chicken’s speed, to as almost as fast as 10.1’s UCO)

Screen is zoomed out to be 125%, for a reason you’ll know soon.

This boss cannot be damaged in any way, but he has a timer on his dynamite vest which will tick down every second, so your only hope is to avoid him until the timer runs out. (From 40 seconds up to 60 seconds, depending on difficulty)

Once the Timer runs out, he explodes. However, his death explosion can kill you, so duck out of the way. That’s why there’s a 125% zoom. Also, his explosion size is as huge as a Infinity Chicken’s.
There’s also the typical percent gauge on top of the screen.

Shooting him will make him move slightly faster for the rest of the battle, and he will drop a few sticks of dynamite as well. (Amount of dynamite dropped depends on difficulty, and he can only drop them every 3 seconds.)

But in exchange, his timer will tick down faster for 3 seconds. (It will tick down twice as fast.) No, that does not stack. Shooting him again will just reset the 3 seconds of faster ticking.

Drops 3 firepower on death, and a bunch of food items too.

I thought it would be a good idea to add a boss that does not follow the usual “attack the boss until it dies”, so I thought I’d suggest a boss that requires you to avoid them until the time runs out instead.


Had to point out the fact he has a dynamite stick up his back


Too politically scorrect IMO


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