Boss Idea #1: 🎧 DJ Chicken

This is my first boss idea, so it may have some mistakes and problems. Hope @InterAction_studios and you guys like this idea.

Here’s my boss design (It’s bad cuz of my bad drawing skill)

It has a health 1,5 more than health of Thundercluck. Screen zoom out = 100%


NOTE: All attack of this boss is placed at difficulty 100%.

When you encounter boss fight, a danger zone will appear at the center of the screen, like Thundercluck.

1. Showtime attack

After the dangerzone disappeared, DJ’s shadow will appear, accopanying 6 lightning bolts strike at random places, then the boss will gradually appear.

2. Melody Wheel

Projectile will appear after a warning with the arrow showing the projectile’s direction.

3. Triple Throwing

This attack is similar to Thundercluck’s purple ball attack, it is only different from the arc flying orbit of the wheel.

4. Assault Tornado

DJ will stay at the center, then fire 6 flying wheel. At the same times, the " - " and " | " bomb will appear at the edges of the screen with warning sign.

5. Cross Strike

After the boss throw 4 " x,+" bombs, some lightning bolts will strike at random places.

These bombs will explode after 5-6s, enough time for you to predict and avoid the bomb strikes.

6. Climax Form Trigger

A glowing chicken… Dunno how to describe this tedious scene.
Three attacks below will only be used in this form

7. Triple Melody Wheel

Just a reinforced Melody Wheel attack. Requires quite high reflexes in this attack.

8. Row of Cross

The DJ will throw 5 “x” or “+” bombs in this wave. The bombs will explode in the order in which they appear.

9. Dead End

DJ will stay at the center of the screen simultaneously launch 5 lightning bolts strike in the order from left to right (or vice versa).

After that, boss will throw 4 “x” bombs and 4 “+” bombs in random places surrounding it, which will explode after 10 sec. Then, the boss will comeback to normal form.

So, my idea will end here, what do you think about this idea.
Let your comment be low.

  • Neutral.
  • Too fast attack.
  • Narrow place to dodge attacks.
  • Attack can’t be predictable

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Asriel Dreemurr it’s you?


Hopes and Dreams

Musics and Melodies


Are all these attacks available at the beginning or some attacks will be used later when it lost like 20% 40% 60% 80% health? Is the order of the attacks fixed?

Do you think this is too many types of attacks? I think some reinforced attacks should be used at higher difficulties instead, replacing the predecessor.


First: These attack will appear without depending on the amount of healths

Maybe… Yeah.


Was the Final Dead End attack was too sudden?

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I think the climax form should appear later, like rage mode, instead of randomly activated. How about making it phase 2 like Yolk Star TM? After losing 80% health or even (fake) death, it will glow and rage with the 3 last attacks.


Hmm, maybe a good choice too
Actually, this was based on the mechanic of Mega Man 11, that mean Rage mode can be triggered without depending on the amounts of health


Still, i prefered this


What did you mean by “this”? Mine or yours?

I think making it phase 2 would make it less harsh since it’s near death. You’ll have to finish it as soon as possible so you don’t have to dodge these attacks. 5 attacks above might be enough for ordinary form. It provides players time to learn and adapt to these attacks.

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i mean Mine mechanic

Kay, so… you suggest that Climax Form appear when its health’s below 50%, or 70-80%?

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I think 80% might be OK. He will be permanently at climax form since then.

This also allow you to re-timing the earlier attacks well if desired:
0%: Showtime Attack and Melody Wheel available
20%: Triple Throwing added
40%: Assault Tornado added
60%: Cross Strike added
80%: Climax form - using only 3 last attacks instead


I still prefer Dj using non-climax attack at normal, then trigger Climax at 30% health, using all attack like Thundercluck


Btw, Thank you for your comment, it someway make the boss easier to adapt the attacks


I wonder if it’s too insane. Making it more forgiving might be reasonable. The rest can be left to the community, I want to hear more ideas. I think you may want to poll about the modifications later.

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If this idea get more attention…

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The lightnings are warned by the yellow bars, enough time to dodge.

The bombs has x and + signs on it, allowing us to predict the directions. Plus, the explosions are delayed, it’s possible to avoid them.


Ok, thanks
But, may we reduce the time of the explosion 10s to 4s?

Yes, you should. 10 seconds is way too long for it. 3 - 5 seconds is more reasonable, it may even varies by difficulties and skills if you want (the faster projectiles thing).


The last work is waiting for iA’s response