Boss for final chapter

Can put a boss in each chapter, also think to put return of revenge of the yolk final boss or egg cannon or henterprise, I also have an idea of releasing a boss name henperor as lastest game as henperor apprentice

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I think all bosses are going to return in ciu.

There is no final chapter. The used-to-be-final bosses (Henterprise, Egg Cannon, Yolk-Star™), however, should return.


Even if the game has no real end I would love to see a top secret final boss u encounter only once, for example u enter like a certain level in a galaxy. And they shouldn’t reveal it like they always do with bosses, it should stay top secret until someone finds it in the game.

Don’t step down to his level (with the swearing).

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You stole my words :smiley:

Okay. :neutral_face:

I believe that is what the “like” button is for.