Boss/enemy weapons

worked on this for a little bit but it was an idea ever since i was a kid when i played ci3. The weapons are the yolk star laser, hen ship lasers, uco lasers, and ufo ship zizags.

the yolk stars laser levels up kinda like the lightning fryer. the hen ship lasers are a little unique where the outside lasers on max level shoot inside instead of outside like ion blaster.


We could add the Henterpriſe laſer too: 5 ſeconds of continuöus damage to an unlimited number of enemies ſimultaneöuſly at 5000000 DPS.

p.ſ. I ſhould probably note that this was written as a ſarcaſtic reply to an idea that in my mind wouldn’t work as well as one might like. Juſt in caſe people were confuſified.


and overheat FASTERERERER

definetly. i would’ve done more but i just wanted to showcase the ci3 boss/enemy weapons

we should have the weapon from the iron chef where we shoot fruit and vegetables ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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This is an old idea and was already discussed.
Probably would be implemented
Chicken invaders universe won’t have mods or dlcs, we already asked and (discusse about).
All content will be Free.

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