Boss Concept: The Henperor

Boss Concept: The Henperor

  • This is an idea previously mentioned by @BinhTurtle. Me and my cousin @Wolffie planned this idea before we saw that Binh had posted it too.

  • NOTE: As @Stardrone mentioned, this is a weaker version of the boss, like Henterprise Hencounter in Chapter 1 of Chicken Invaders 5.

Brief Explanation:
The Henperor will be a sequel to the existing Henperor’s Apprentice. Since there’s an apprentice, why should there be no Henperor itself? The wave could be called ‘Henperor Hencounter’ (like ‘Henterprise Hencounter’, as ‘Hencounter’ is just a pun for ‘encounter’). This boss will only appear in missions from 60%-100% difficulty, and as the difficulty rises/declines, the attacks will vary. This could also be the first anomaly boss wave (read Zones).
Example image of upon entering the wave:

As the Henperor’s Apprentice looks similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars, and that Emperor Palpatine is like Darth Vader’s mentor, we thought that the Henperor should look like Emperor Palpatine. He appears with green wattles, alike to the Party Chicken and Military Chicken. A dark robe (similar to Palpatine’s) will cover its eyes and body, only leaving a grinning beak, green wattles and part of his foot.
Rough impression of how the boss will look:


  • 33%: 1 present (preferably ‘Neutron Gun’, ‘Ion Blaster’, ‘Utensil Poker’, ‘Vulcan Chaingun’, ‘Hypergun’, 'Boron Railgun)

  • 67%: 1 present (preferably ‘Photon Swarm’, ‘Plasma Rifle’, ‘Positron Stream’, ‘Corn Shotgun’, ‘Laser Cannon’, ‘Lightning Fryer’, 'Absolver Beam, ‘Riddler’)

  • Once defeated: 1 atom (firepower), 26-32 food items and must include 1 Super-Size Me burger, 12 coins and 125,000 points


  • Double Forcefield: Alike to the Henperor’s Apprentice first attack in the newly-released boss wave ‘Chicken Exponentiality’, 2 destructive red forcefields (3 forcefields on 75%-100% difficulty missions) will surround the Henperor.

  • Laser Lock: Following up the Double Forcefield, 2 red lasers (3 red lasers on 75-100% difficulty missions) (similar to the Henterprise’s final attack (‘Purple Lasers’) in the boss wave ‘Hend Game’) will be fired in different directions, attempting to lock the player and kill them. It will first warn you which directions the lasers are going to go in (also like in the ‘Purple Lasers’ attack of the Henterprise) and then attempt to lock the player in them. The Henperor will perform this attack 3 times.
    Example images of how the attack will look (sort of):
    First Phase:

    Second Phase:

    Third Phase:

    Fourth and final phase:

  • Chicken Wobble: Like one of the Henterprise’s attacks yet again, the chicken wobble will deploy 8 chickens (12 chickens on 75%-100% difficulty missions) (either Metal-suit, Military or Regular) in different directions.


  • Homing Bolts: This attack is a mini version of the Egg Cannon’s ‘Triple Bolts’. 32 mini bolts (42 bolts for 75%-100% difficulty missions) will be shot one after another at a relatively fast pace (a gap of 0.3 seconds per shot, 0.25 seconds for 75%-100% difficulty missions). These bolts will home to the player, but are quite easy to escape from, primarily because of their size. Whilst the Henperor is shooting the bolts, you cannot deal any damage to him.

(No ‘Gravity Well’ ability as there are anomalies)

600000 (800000 on 75%-100% difficulty missions). Once down 50%, the Henperor will retreat (read Zones) and the attacks will reset (say it was on Chicken Wobble, it will return to the Double Forcefield attack and start over from there).

Screen Zoom:
The screen will zoom out 25% to make enough room for the Chicken Wobble and Red Ions attacks.

Upon entering the wave, there will be one danger zone located to the top of the screen (opposite of the Henperor’s Apprentice) and two anomaly zones located to the left and right of the lower half of the screen (the left one makes you face North East, the right one makes you face North West). Once the boss reaches 50%, he will retreat and there will be a new danger zone located to the lower half of the screen (same as the Henperor’s Apprentice), next to where those two anomalies were. The anomalies will also switch direction, going from the left and right of the lower half to the left and right of the upper half (this time, the left one makes you face South East and the right one makes you face South West).
Example image of zones (can also be found in Brief Explanation):

Effective Weapons:
The ‘Utensil Poker’, ‘Ion Blaster’, ‘Positron Stream’ and ‘Plasma Rifle’ are the most effective weapons against this boss. The Positron Stream and Plasma Rifle deal an extra 5% damage, whereas the Utensil Poker and Ion Blaster deal an extra 2%. Any other weapons should work fine except the 'Boron Railgun’. The Boron Railgun deals 18% less damage than usual towards the boss.

Once defeated, this boss has a very small chance (2%) to spawn a debuffed version of the Henperor’s Apprentice. The chance is increased on 75%-100% difficulty levels to 6%. When this Henperor’s Apprentice appears, a message will pop up saying something on the lines of ‘You thought that was the end?’.

Try to follow strategies from Fester | Chicken Invaders Wiki | Fandom and Henterprise | Chicken Invaders Wiki | Fandom

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Thank you all! I’m so thankful for your positive feedback! Though, it wasn’t just my idea, please support @Wolffie too!


Welcome back, this seems actually cool

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The problem here is that the Henperor is the main villan of the series, I think that its appearance (and defeat) should happen into an episode.

We may solve this problem simply by putting a text like: “Succes! An Hemperor clone have been defeated!”
(Boldly goes whenever it pleases -style)

But if we want to add a clone of the main villan of the series why making it an harder version of another boss that uses attacks copied from Henterprise and master Sqwaker?

It should be an unique and hard battle that gives the feeling of “this is the final battle”

(Anyway this is the first ever boss concept that put anomaly zones into it. Clever thing)


Is it really? Was it mentioned anywhere?


We are fightning the henpire’s forces

I don’t think we need a Sherlock to guess who the villan is

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Well, we do. It was never said that the big boss is the teacher of Darth Vader.


What if the villain is Big Chicken 214748364?


No, no, you’ve got it all backwards, the Henpire is a Fascist-Anarcho-Communist Republic.

I basically said that in the reply

Anyway this topic inspired me.
Expect an Henperor concept by myself

it doesn’t have to explode tho

In SSH the difficulty can arrive to 140% and it is great idea and very interesting


Welcome to forum!
Your idea is so perfect!


Thanks for the credit.
I really appreciate it.

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