Boss concept AND common enemy concept

Here’s my boss concept for the Feather Fields mode (I didn’t come up with a name).

His attacks:

  1. Appearance. The boss, pressed to the pillow, flies up to the center of the screen, and while he is slowly flying, he cannot be hit. At this time, a lullaby is playing. But the moment you deal the first damage to the boss, the lullaby breaks and starts playing something fast. The boss opens his red sore eyes. From the rage that he was awakened, he spreads feathers around him and flies in different directions.
    When any damage is dealt to the boss, at that moment he becomes much faster for half a second, and slows down if he does not take damage.
  2. The boss flies from left to right and right to left, and spreads feathers from the pillow.
  3. The boss unleashes a powerful snoring jet of attacks, with pulsating Z-shaped letters that destroy the ship. There are 10 such jets from all sides. Repeat attack 3 times.


I also came up with a version of a regular enemy with this look.
He looks just as sleepy, and flies in the usual rows with other hens.
The peculiarity is that when this enemy dies, it drops from 1 to 3 feathers that fly in a zigzag path.

The number of feathers depends on the difficulty. 0-50% one feather, 50-95% two feathers, 95%+ three feathers.
In order not to confuse these feathers with the feathers that are the visual effect of the death of chickens, they can be a light blue hue.


Suggest your options for what name would suit him. :penguin:

Do you like the idea: 1. Boss; 2. Enemy?
  • 1 Yes, I like it
  • 1 No, I do not like
  • 2 Yes, I like it
  • 2 No, I do not like

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What about “Lazy Chicken” name ?

not bad

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