Boss Buffing: King of Crabs needs a buff!

Even though I have been criticized by several users for my below average skills, there are bosses which are just plain too easy. I’ve decided to start a series on bosses which need a buff.

On first appearance, it does look like the most powerful iteration of the first generation of robotic crabs with its 6 arms, four which throw chicks and chickens and two which fire lasers. Because you don’t know the attack patterns of the King of Crabs, chances are you’ll get destroyed by the lasers as you don’t recognize that the motion of the arm is a warning of the imminent laser sweep. But then you recognize the patterns and then it doesn’t take long for you to best the King of Crabs with little effort.

Firstly the space granted to you in this crab fight is much too generous, unlike in the other crab fights where space is rather limited as the other Robotic Crabs take up the majority of the screen. Then the fact that that the classic trick to increase the difficulty of the boss by speeding up its attacks isn’t enough to increase its difficulty to the levels of even the other crabs and might even be decreasing its difficulty. Lastly, the attacks are very predictable, once you’ve seen all of the phases, it’s disappointingly easy to dispatch it.

My first solution would be to increase the size of the crab, I can’t pinball the exact amount but there should be a size increase. Second, increase the sideways movement of the crab according to the difficulty but it should be increased in general. The final ‘solution’ which might already be in effect, decrease the interval between different attacks (also dependent on difficulty).

Even though I might have laid the groundwork for further improvements to this boss, I am in no way the best person at advising solutions. If you have a good idea for an improvement to the King of Crabs, please reply to this topic.

PS: In my opinion it also needs a different paintjob to the other crabs to signify its role as a king, I suggest you can take the paint scheme from Imperial ships from WH40K as inspiration although I suggest some form of deviation as well.


What would this change?

Yeah,it is already in effect.
Honestly,what if it had more arms? And I mean a lot more. It should shower the screen with chicks/chickens.

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And a few arms ſhould throw the chickens at a lower ſpeed.

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I tried my best.

Yeah, fixed that too.


A Crabwheel, basically.
This is horrific.


Looks terrifying and awesome at the same time.

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I mean… arms attached to another arm… that’s beyond terror.


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