Boron Railgun skill

Based on this thread: levels/24530

Note: Like most of the skill thread, all level buff weapon damage.

Ah, the boron railgun, not very bad but also not very great as well, in early levels it’s can shred through a horde of chickens, but in later levels, the weapon struggle alot if not saying, completely weakened later on. However, I’m thinking about what if boron railgun is not useless in late levels or players that like to challenge themselve with SSH with it? And infact, it can piercing chickens? And here is my idea: Boron’s Piercing.

Like all my skills, it’s take 10 seconds for the skill to run and 15 seconds cooldown. What’s making this interesting is that piercing can pierce through barriers, allowing you to damage chickens behind constructed barrier build by them. However, much like Moron’s Bounce skill, Boron’s Piercing will also have it’s damage reduced when it’s hit 2 or more chickens on it’s way. Each pierce will make the boron railgun lose 5% damage and capping at 30% damage reduction after the 6th pierce onwards. Unfortunately, upgrading the weapon’s level will only increasing it’s damage output and pierce damage but at mastery, piercing will penaltizes you after 3 pierce has been done and the 4th pierce will begin penaltizing you by 5%, making you have 9 pierce before 30% damage pierce penaltizes maximum at the 10th pierce onwards.

Note: This will not work on boss and instead it will directly damage them without piercing them.
Works very bad on Retro Invaders and especially the bosses there.


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