Bootlegs in a nutshell


A simple chicken game? I’LL STEAL IT’S IDEA! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW - developers of the bootlegs


Some of the bootlegs are totally great.

Just look at this.




Well, thats totally ITS NOT the infinity CI4 boss with same arms and more chicken invaders vibes. This guys need to be sued very soon(GalaxyShooting).


reasons to die, this is one of them.


so much perfect game and very good original idea (NOT CLICKBAIT!)


0/10 No M-404 PI Fighter.


Those are just ripoffs mostly. Can they get removed because of copyright?


Here are some totally-not-M-404-PI spaceships.


It should be possible, but it’s hard to take them down, since this stuff makes money for Google and Apple.


Dude to be honest, these ships look very good.


Next level bootleg


This is funny and sad.


Wow,it are brilliant