Booster Tweak: Adjust booster effectiveness

Firstly, credit to @moon2004 for starting up inspiration to this idea!

Overdrive and Accumulator… 2 boosters that are good in their own ways.
But has it ever occurred to you that Overdrive isn’t just doing enough, or Accumulator’s 7.5 second use is worse than some weapon overheat times?
Well, you can now modify both of these with a UI in Loadout!
There could be options for adjusting booster stats in that screen, where you can change their boosting and power.

General boost: 50% increase in firerate. Equivalent to the base weapon firerate multiplied by 1.5.
Overheating: +50% heat buildup. Equivalent to the base weapon overheating time / 1.5. (ex. an Ion Blaster overheating in 8s will be decreased to 5.33s since 8 / 1.5 = 5.33)

New mechanics: Overdrive can be adjusted from a 25% firerate boost up to a 100% firerate boost, ranging from a 25% faster overheat time to a 50% reduction in the base overheating time. This can make your weapon consume 25% less reactor power to 50% more reactor power.

General boost: +50% increase in firerate.
Charge: 6 seconds on a full bar (This is to be changed to 7.5s in the upcoming v137 update)

New mechanics: Charge time can be adjusted from 4 seconds (5 seconds on v137) to 9 seconds (11.25s in v137), in exchange for a firerate alteration of +83.333% of the base firerate to a +25% (HALF of a regular Accumulator booster) of the base firerate.

I’ll take any suggestions/feedback.

Good Idea But I Would Like You To Add Pics To Understand Good

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hmm, make it more confusing and unbalanced, yeah no
the overdrive thing would let some weapons overheat in 2 seconds, making it pointless

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I mean, that is with the base heatsinks.
You WOULD generally get better ones, or at least upgrade yours. But yes, I do understand the use of the Boron Railgun. But isn’t that why we have the Accumulator?

Visuals coming up later. I will tag you when I get them.

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