Booster Suggestions: Burst, Focus, Berserk, Dodger, Chill, Manual

Yeah, booster suggestions. No images sadly.
Let’s just get into it.

Booster Type: Burst
“Trigger Finger Discipline”

Double tap and HOLD to activate. No charging necessary.
Makes you shoot at overdrive rate (50% faster), but you heat up 20% faster instead of 50%.
However, instead of firing non-stop, you fire in bursts.
You shoot faster for 1 second, and stop firing for 1/3 of a second. It will alternate between these two.

Your heat will still increase as if you’re still “boosting” the weapon, even in between bursts. You must deactivate the booster to stop the heat rate increase. You can release the fire button, or fire without boosting between bursts as well, to more efficiently manage that heat bar.
(Same benefits, just less overheat)

Booster Type: Focus
“It’s hard to aim when you keep running around, right?”

Double tap and HOLD to activate. No charging necessary.
Slows your movement down to a crawl (as if you were slowed by Klaus), and makes you fire 50% faster. You heat up 33% faster instead of 50%.

Great for dodging projectiles too.

Booster Type: Berserk
“All or Nothing”

Double tap and HOLD to charge your berserk. Release when fully charged to “enrage”.
You’ll need to wait 10 seconds before you can use it again. Timer starts after the effect ends.

Makes you fire 100% faster! But you overheat 200% faster. You also cannot stop firing until your heat bar maxes out.

The first 1.5 seconds of berserk mode does not increase your heat. This is to not make your “rage” a total waste if you for some reason choose to activate it at high heat.

Booster Type: Dodger
“Don’t get me wrong — All I did was dodge it!”

Double tap and HOLD to activate. A full charge lasts 5 seconds.
Charged by “grazing” projectiles. Amount of charge depends on distance between the player and the projectile. For example, a 1-star graze (going by meteor storm terms) would recharge 1%, 2-star would recharge 3%, 3-star recharges 8% and 4-star recharges 20%. (this is not a typo)

You fire 66% faster. Your heat rate increases at 25% of it’s normal rate, so you still have to watch your heat if you try to “high heat fire” Boron Railgun.

Booster Type: Chill
“Your refrigerator is running. Perhaps a little too well.”

Double tap and HOLD to consume the whole bar. Takes 10 seconds to fully charge. Killing does not charge it up faster.
Once activated, cannot be stopped until the bar runs out. A whole bar lasts 10 seconds.

This booster increases your firerate by 25%, and reduces your heat gain to 15% during it’s wake. This also makes fireballs by phoenixes only increase your heat gauge slightly, rather than completely.

Booster Type: Manual
“Just like the old times”

Activated automatically when you repeatedly press the Fire Button faster than the weapon’s normal fire-rate. Weapons that have a fire-rate faster than 8/s by default do not support this booster.
Weapons which increase in fire-rate with higher power levels, will no longer support this booster when their fire-rate goes past 8/s.

Increases your firerate by 33%. Reduces heat gain by 33%.

Yeah, that’s all.

Any “already suggested” moment is purely coincidental.

EDIT: Buffed the “Chill” booster. Now boosts firerate by 25%. Heat Gain is now 15% instead of 20%. Also now has Fireball Resistance.
Also added “Manual” Booster.


force addiction moment

Sounds like a weaker Overdrive to me. I don’t really see me using this but it could add gameplay variety

A better Overdrive stat-wise but it makes you slow? Sounds interesting

An even better Overdrive that makes you lose the “no overheat” medal? Sounds good for boss rushes and double team but bad everywhere else.
Basically the Absolver Beam of the boosters.

This is the most creative of the bunch, my favourite and probably the one that require the most skill to use. But I would like it more as a spacecraft passive ability rather than a booster

I think this is useless since Accumuator does its job better and also increases your dps


im not really going for power here

im going for “fits your playstyle”

but for the chill booster, yeah i see what you mean. i’ll try to update that one so its not so bland


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