Bonus Idea: Weapon Chaining

So, we all know that gift boxes give a static 16,000 points when picked up.

But, what if there was an incentive to pick up different weapons, rather than only pick up the same weapon all the time?

This is where the “Weapon Chain” bonus comes in!

When picking up a different weapon from what you currently have, the Weapon Chain bonus will be given alongside the 16,000 you get from the weapon itself. (There will be alternatives later, stick around!)

So, here’s how it will work:

Weapon Chaining

When picking up a different weapon, a “Weapon Chain” bonus is awarded. It starts at 1,000, and increases by another 1,000 for each different weapon you pick up. The bonus caps out at 16,000. (This means you get up to 32,000 for each weapon box you pick up)

There will be a poll for the maximum bonus you can get for the weapon chaining.

Now, here’s where the alternatives come in.
Should picking up the same weapon you are currently using…

1: Reset the Weapon Chain bonus to 1,000?
2: Reduce the chain bonus by 5,000?
3: Retain the chain bonus? (16,000 + how much of a bonus you’ve accumulated thus far)
4: Not award the Weapon Chain bonus until you pick up a different box? This will not kill the bonus chain.

There will also be a poll for this.

Okay, that’s the end of the idea. It’s poll time.


Please do not vote for the 2nd poll if you chose the 5th option on the first poll.

What should be the Maximum Score Limit for Weapon Chaining?
  • No Limit (This means it can go beyond 100,000.)
  • Caps out at 8,000 (9 different boxes picked up)
  • Caps out at 16,000 (17 different boxes picked up)
  • Always 5,000 (as long as it’s a different weapon)
  • 0 (No Weapon Chaining)

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What should picking up the same weapon do to the Weapon Chain?
  • Reset the Weapon Chain bonus to 0.
  • Reduce the current Weapon Chain bonus by 5,000.
  • Retain the current Weapon Chain bonus.
  • No Weapon Chain bonus awarded until you pick up a different weapon. This retains the current Weapon Chain.

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For those who are confused about the 5th option, it’s the “No weapon chaining” option.

This a pretty cool concept that could help encourage players try out different weapons.
I do wish that getting the same weapon would reduce the weapon chain by 2000-3000 points instead of 5000 points, a middle ground in terms of punishment for grabbing the same weapon seems cool.


I pick all gifts i see, so this is a bonus for me

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I don’t think this is necessary. The incentive to pick up different gift boxes is the points you gain by collecting them.

A player who is willing to forego 16K points to keep their current weapon will hardly change their mind if you add 1K (or whatever)