Bomber Winglet Paintjobs

Recruit #75 here…
It has come to my attention that the options for customizing the winglets of the BX series of heavy bombers are quite limited to say the least. While I’m satisfied with the paintjob options for the other parts of the heavy bombers, the wingtips fall short because there are only 3 patterns at the time of writing, one covering the entire winglet, the second one covering the front part of the winglet and the third covering the top of the winglet. BX-winglet paintjob'
Worse still, these 3 patterns apply on all 4 of the winglets, which makes 2 of the main wing paintjobs rather unappealing as 2 of the winglets will stick out like a sore thumb with those main wing paintjobs:
affected BX wing paintjobs
Yeah, this doesn’t look good right?
troubled BX-9

And so, I’ve decided to suggest six new paintjobs for the BX-series of spacecraft. These paintjobs may not provide an all new winglet texture that you might be expecting, but I hope that they might be a welcome change. With that being said:

  1. Inner Winglet (Front)
    front inner
  2. Outer Winglet (Front)
    front outer
  3. Inner Winglet (Full)
    full inner
  4. Outer Winglet (Full)
    full outer
  5. Inner Winglet (Top)
    top inner
  6. Outer Winglet (Top)
    top outer

As you can see, these new paintjobs will make those 2 main wing paintjobs a lot more pleasing since winglets will now blend in with that particular part of the main wing. For example:
improved BX-9

So, whaddya think?


It sounds Good

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We will need that

I’ve added it to my list, but I’m worried about the number of additional textures it would require.


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