Bomb Carrier Chicken

Health: 250 + (stage * 50) * %difficulty (or wave because there only 40 waves in Chicken Invasion)

Small Info:

The Chicken itself is a drone chicken but it can be seen carrying the bomb around while flying in the fomations. It cannot lay eggs but they know how to do kamikaze if you actually provoke them.


Here are the sets of demonstration of how this chicken works:

When you shoot the chicken with any type of bullet or weapons, they will get enraged and the fuse on the bomb will begin to burn down. Here is the image to it: (I’m sorry since I cannot find color of berserkers or assassin chicks get enraged and poor color blending chicken).

After that, it’s will fly to the right side a bit before turn 180 degree then heading towards to your last position, not your newest location.

Then after reaching your last location and somehow you moved to a side, the chicken will stay still in your last position for 2 seconds.

Before the bombs blows up, killing the chicken but also you as well if you caught in it’s blast zone. It’s also drop food as well…

The Chicken actually have a pretty small explosion, smaller than bombs you see in some chicken formations. Here is the picture below:

Because of how this chicken health is, they only appears if the chicken invasion has more than 10 waves and difficulty is 10% or greater. So here is my wave for these Chickens

This level is called Bomber Field with an extra words below saying psst, don’t fuse their bombs!. After that, 2 row of bomber chickens (or 6 rows but that will apply a 150% zoom to the wave) will spawn with the first row going from left to right then repeat their cycle while the bottom row will move from right to left then repeat their cycle. For more row versions, the patterns are left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left, left to right and right to left on each row in total of 6 rows if SSH and 100% difficulty is applied. And this chicken also appears in other fomations as well if IA or the game puts it there by coding.

So, what are your thoughts about the chicken?
PS: please calculate carefully the health, the star means multiply.


In my opinion the chicken would be better if it waited a bit after getting shot, flew to the player’s last location and blew up instantly.
Other than that, pretty interesting concept. I’m glad to see you putting thought in your ideas recently!


Originally, I was thinking about the bomb will explode when you kill the chicken but the chance to make the bomb detonate instantly when you kill the chicken is just 10%, other than that, killing the chicken will make both the chicken and the bomb poof. I’ve scrapped this thought since it’s can messed up people sometimes, but I may add into it if people feels like it.


This seems rather similar to existing types (toxic, berserker, assassin). What makes it distinct?

A moving time bomb

This is creative
I think it would be better if it also had these abilities:

  1. Egging like normal chickens.
  2. When you shoot it, it throws a bomb at you and the bomb will explode in the position that you were (not your current position)

I think getting mad and staying there for 2 secs makes it a bit too confusing for people but still, you’re getting better at your ideas!

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Finally, a somewhat original idea.

I believe that there should be a zone that starts increasing in size (after it becomes “enraged”) up until it reaches your last position, where it then reaches full size (and explodes.) The zone will give a warning on how big the explosion size is. With this implemented, the chicken will not wait 2 seconds at your last position, just exploding.

A health increase could be argued for since 250 health is just really low. If the chicken takes around 2 seconds to reach your final position, you have more than enough time to dodge it. If you can shoot it while its moving, then a health increase is warranted.


I think that the bomb should drop


Can’t agree, this feels among the least of Mouse’s ideas in terms of originality - it’s just adding bloat to what’s already in the game

A bit ironic, but okay.

I said somewhat original, by that I mean the idea does have some originality going for it.

I prefer small stylistic or design changes that increment the game’s variety and complexity, than brand new ideas which are more original. The game has enough ideas.

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