Boldly Goes Wherever it Pleases Bug

I just played this weekly challenge and in 60 wave the boss is “Boldly Goes Wherever it Pleases”. When i beat it to 20% while he’s charging his starting beam nails popping out animation stops the beam charge and after 1 sec the beam still shoots. I almost died to it, luckily i was on the upper side so i did not get hit. It’s a visual bug but i don’t know how to explain it well. Hope you understand me.

Yes, I reported it before. If you damage Henterprise at 25% or 75% while charging its beam, it will still fire it although the animation stopped as you described above. However if you damage Henterprise at 25% or 75% while firing its beam, the beam will disappear.

So all I can is watch out :wink:


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